Power Automate Licenses Changes 2023

Microsoft Inspire 2023 brought exciting news for users of Power Automate, Microsoft’s popular automation platform.

The event unveiled significant updates to their licensing model for Power Automate, making it more flexible and tailored to different automation needs.

These changes, effective from August 1, 2023, were prompted by the general availability of Power Automate Process Mining, a powerful tool for organisations seeking to analyse, optimise, and visualise their business processes for better efficiency and decision-making. Read more here.

Let’s dive into the key changes that were announced during the event.

power automate premium licenses

Introducing Power Automate Premium Licenses

The first major update is the introduction of the “Power Automate Premium” license, which replaces the previous “Power Automate Attended RPA per user” license.

For just £12.30 per user per month, customers will gain access to an array of powerful features, including unlimited cloud flows, known as digital process automation (DPA), and unlimited desktop flows, known as robotic process automation (RPA) in attended mode.

This license also includes entitlements to Power Automate Process Mining, a valuable tool for organisations seeking to analyse, optimise, and visualise their business processes for better efficiency and decision-making.

Power Automate Process Licenses

With the aim of catering to specific automation needs, Microsoft has introduced the “Power Automate Process” license.

This license provides customers with access to an automation ‘bot’ capable of unattended desktop automation (RPA) or running organisation-wide cloud-flow based processes that need to be accessed by unlimited users within the organisation.

This is priced at £123.30 per bot / per month.

This new license is an excellent choice for businesses that require extensive automation across their workforce and need to scale their automation capabilities seamlessly.

Power Automate Process Mining Add-On

For organisations looking to leverage Power Automate Process Mining beyond the capabilities included in the Power Automate Premium license, Microsoft offers the “Power Automate Process Mining add-on.”

This add-on comes at a cost of £4,109.70 per tenant per month and provides additional capacity with entitlements of 100 GB Process Mining data storage.

The add-on allows businesses to delve deeper into process analysis, offering insights and optimisations that can lead to enhanced productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Power Apps Per User Becomes “Power Apps Premium”

While the focus of the announcement was mainly on Power Automate, Microsoft also addressed the Power Apps licensing.

The “Power Apps per user” license has been rebranded as “Power Apps Premium.”

Despite the name change, there are no other alterations to the features and capabilities of Power Apps.

Users can continue to enjoy a powerful low-code application development platform.